Sellers are eager to know what they need to do to improve their properties for sale. Whenever I meet with Sellers to discuss the future sale of their homes, I’ll generally have a candid discussion with the owners about what can be done, ideally at low cost, to enhance the look of the property & facilitate its sale. To that end, I may suggest pieces that can be donated, sold, discarded or simply stored off-site during the sales process so that the property looks larger, more updated, etc. I point out that we want Buyers to focus on the home, rather than on its furnishings & design.

However, I’ve learned that the decision to store or get rid of long-time furnishings, art pieces, etc. is a hard one to make for many. We attach a lot of sentimental value to our stuff; further, few people like change and selling the family home can be overwhelming. Getting rid of familiar pieces adds to the difficult emotion of letting go.

One strategy for Sellers with this issue may be to picture themselves in their new home. Will the piece(s) fit in the new home and/or lifestyle? Do they still like the furniture enough to keep it? How much will it cost to move the furniture…more than it’s worth? Might some other family member want it? The answers to these questions may help with the decision. However regardless of the answers to those questions, if the sentimental value is very deep, then the decision should likely be to keep the furniture or items.

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