To safeguard future deals to sell their homes, local home Sellers are now often advised by area professionals to have their properties inspected, before listing them for sale. This recent advice follows years of failed deals due to poor findings discovered during home inspections paid by prospective homebuyers. The advantage to a pre-listing home inspection (which ideally should include roof &termite inspections) is twofold: first, needed repairs can be identified and made. A subsequent inspection performed for the Buyer should uncover very little, if anything, that could derail an otherwise strong deal. Secondly, the practice would likely eliminate the shock some Sellers feel when they’re informed of all the defects of their well-maintained homes. Despite the fact that inspections are ‘not personal’, for many Sellers, poor inspection findings do feel personal and, even worse, raise doubts about their deals.

In addition to the regular home inspection, the Four Point Inspection required by the Home Insurance Industry (to help determine home insurance premiums for Buyers) should also be done during the Seller’s home inspection. The Four Points refer to the home’s Roof, Plumbing, HVAC systems and Electrical. As before, the purpose of this focused inspection is to identify & hopefully correct defects, so the home is insurable at a reasonable cost and the deal can proceed smoothly. Cost of inspecting a single family home is approximately $300-$450; this cost may be worth it to a Seller who is ready to sell & willing to do a bit more to facilitate the future sale.