TRULY A GODSEND– Thank you so much for your lovely card. I meant to send you a ‘thank you’ note much sooner but he move took such a heavy toll on my old body that I really needed a long time to recuperate. Also, I had so many phone calls to make ref. cancellations down there and adding new services up here plus getting the funds out of my checking account into interest earning CDs. I don’t even know how to start to thank you for everything. You were truly a Godsend. I don’t believe I would have every sold my house without your help. I’ve never seen a real estate agent work as hard as you did and believe I have had contracts with 10-15 of them on various properties in this country and in Europe. Anyway, I first wanted to send you a huge flower arrangement or a plant to show my appreciation but then thought flowers die and maybe you don’t have time to take care of plant, so I’m sending you this small token to show my gratitude.

— Nahi Family‚Äč